Financiera Maderera (Finsa)

Finsa is the largest Spanish producer of Chipboard and MDF. Founded in 1931 Finsa began as a saw mill and has continued to grow steadily over the past seven decades. To date Finsa boasts 22 factories each manufacturing a wide and varied range of panel products. Today Finsa employs over 5000 people and produces around 2,000,000 m3 of MDF and chipboard per annum. As a result, Finsa is at the cutting edge in the timber industry.

The broad product range comprises of following meeting the E1 Formaldehyde Emissions Plain Particle Boards with many variants from 5mm to 40mm thickness in many sizes MDF with many variants from 2mm to 70mm thickness Prelaminated Particle Boards in many sizes; Textures and Designs Prelaminated MDF in many sizes; Textures and Designs CTS components as per tailored specifications.

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